Monday, October 11, 2010

Mom Finds Perfect Way To Communicate With Daughter About Suicide of Rutgers Student

I rarely blog about something off topic, but today I'm making an exception.  If you're a parent with a kid in high school or college, you may have found it really hard to talk to him/her about the Rutgers student "who committed suicide after his sexual encounter with a man in his dormitory room was secretly streamed online".

Vicky Bell found a perfect way to communicate her feelings with her college student daughter by writing her a letter.  Please take a few minutes and read what Vicky so eloquently wrote in "Letter to my daughter (in the wake of senseless tragedy)".

Thanks for writing this beautiful letter, Vicki.


Vicky Bell said...

Oh, wow, I just discovered this post and I have to say thank you! I'm so honored to be a part of your blog. I really appreciate your words and the opportunity to have my words go even further. Thank you very, very much. Sincerely, Vicky Bell

Pam said...

You're welcome, Vicky!

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