Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wish Your Doctor Had A Migraine?

Ever wish your doctor could experience a Migraine attack just so he/she knows what you're going through?

Richard E. Waltman, MD, family physician in Tacoma, Washington, and a member of Medical Economics' Editorial Advisory Board, says that he does not wish "terrible disease and suffering for all of my colleagues" but makes the following six suggestions to help doctors do a better job:

  • Every physician should have to wait for an hour,
  • Every physician should have a foley catheter inserted,
  • Every physician should go to an out-of-town emergency department at midnight,
  • Every physician should get a good case of the flu,
  • Every physician should have a scare, and
  • Every Physician should have a Migraine

BRAVO Dr. Waltman!

Cindy McCain's Migraine Secret

You may want to check this out...

Friday's issue of People magazine will contain an interview with Cindy McCain (wife of U.S. Senator and former GOP presidential candidate John McCain) about her struggle with severe Migraines.

McCain said when she first explained what her Migraine pain felt like to her husband, John, she described it with a word he would understand -- "torture".   McCain says,

Being tied to a chair for four days. I can't imagine how unbearable that pain must have been, but yeah, I can, because a migraine may come close.
McCain is trying to raise awareness about Migraine Disease and will be addressing the International Headache Congress on Sept. 10 in Philadelphia.
For more information click Cindy McCain's Secret Struggle with Migraines.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

CVS Offering Free Flu Shots for the Unemployed

Good news if you are unemployed and need a flu shot...
Starting today, September 1, CVS Caremark is offering free flu shots for the unemployed.

Yesterday, CVS Caremark announced that they will be offering 100,000 free flu shots as part of a nationwide effort.

The program will include on-site flu clinics at One-Stop Career Center locations and distribution of vouchers for free flu shots at CVS/pharmacy or MinuteClinic...
Additionally, beginning September 15, CVS will hold more than 9,000 flu shot clinic events in select CVS/pharmacy stores. If you have health insurance, this vaccination may be covered.

To read about this program cllick here: CVS Caremark to offer free vaccines for unemployed

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