Friday, December 19, 2008

Topical NSAID Cream Being Tested in Clinical Trial

Transdel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.'s topical NSAID cream, Ketotransdel® (a form of Ketoprofen), is currently being tested in a phase 3 clinical trial. Ketotransdel® uses the patented proprietary Transdel™ drug delivery system. This cream is for the treatment of acute pain and is applied directly to the skin. It has been shown to relieve inflammation and provide an analgesic effect.

All medications come with the risk of side-effects. Some of the (often dangerous) side-effects that are known to be associated with NSAID tablets are gastrointestinal, renal and cardiovascular problems. The use of this cream may minimize the risk of these side-effects. According to THIS Therapeutics Daily article:

...over one hundred thousand patients are hospitalized each year due to orally administered NSAID-related gastro-intestinal (GI) complications. That is because when one takes a pill, it passes from the GI tract into the bloodstream and organs, exposing one to cardiovascular, renal, and hepatic systemic effects.
Medications applied to the skin may still expose the bloodstream and organs to side-effects and complications. However, the exposure is much less than if used orally. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Medication Guide for Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) provides additional information on this type of medication and it's side-effects.

If all goes well in the clinical trials, Ketotransdel® may be the first FDA-approved topical NSAID cream. To read the article on this click HERE. And click HERE for Transdel Pharmaceutical's product page.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Increase Risk of Migraine and Headache in Overweight People

I just read this article, Obesity may raise headache risk and can't wait until everyone I know emails it to me. (Yeah, right.) If you're a Migraineur you know what I'm talking about. By the end of the day, you'll have 47 copies of this same thing.

This article cites a research study that examined the

...association between body mass index (BMI), the ratio between the weight range an individual falls into, and headache among men and women, 20 years of age or older, who participated in the 1999 to 2002 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.
(You can calculate your BMI HERE.)

Before you send me this article, please read it again. The article doesn't say being overweight causes Migraine but says being fat (that's what us un-politically correct people call it) "may increase the likelihood" of Migraine or severe headaches.

And before you go around thinking that if you gain a few (or more) pounds you're going to start having Migraine attacks and/or severe headaches, read this part again:
An increased prevalence of headache may be associated with being underweight as well.
In other words, being skinny may also increase the likelihood of Migraine or severe headaches. However, there were only 152 (2%) skinny people out of the 7,601 study participants so this needs to be investigated further.

The article goes on to say that for those who are overweight:
...weight management might be a useful approach in headache management
So, to all 47 of you who are planning on emailing this article to me with a note that says losing weight will CURE my Migraines...please DON'T.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Migraine and Epilepsy Medication In Pregnant Women May Raise Autism Risk

WebMD reports that a new study published in the journal Neurology shows women who take Valproate for Epilepsy, while pregnant, may increase the risk of having a child with Autism. Rebecca Bromley, a PhD student and one of the researchers at the University of Liverpool told WebMD:
British researchers looked at 632 children, almost half of whom were exposed to epilepsy drugs during gestation. Nine of the 632 have been diagnosed with autism, and one has shown symptoms of the disorder.
Although this study was limited to pregnant women who took this medication for Epilepsy, Valproate is also used to prevent Migraine and an abortive treatment for acute Migraine.

To read the article click HERE.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Not Just For Migraine Sufferers -- Angel Food Ministries

I've helped a lot of people find specific resources to help with financial hardships from locating low or no cost medications to utility assistance programs that help cover the high cost of winter heating. Even though there are a lot of federal, state and private organizations that offer help, many times the help is not enough or someone doesn't qualify. Although this is not Migraine Disease specific or even health related, I'd like to share a wonderful program that is making a big difference in people's life. It's called Angel Food Ministries. Here's what their mission statement says:

Angel Food Ministries is a non-profit, non-denominational organization dedicated to providing grocery relief and financial support to communities throughout the United States. The program began in 1994 with 34 families in Monroe, Georgia (between Atlanta and Athens), and has grown to serve hundreds of thousands of families every month across 35 states. Angel Food Ministries crosses denominational lines...
Here's how it works. If you live near a participating site (locate one HERE) you can order $75.00 (approximate retail value) worth of food for $30.00. This amount of food will feed a family of four for a week or one senior citizen for about a month. You can order more than one box and you can order additional specials with the purchase of one $30.00 box. This is not a scam. It's a real service and I've used it. A few months ago, I compared the cost of a box of food to the grocery store where I shop and determined that I would have spent $97.00 for the same things.

Now here's the best part. There are NO qualifications -- NO income restrictions -- NO minimums -- NO application AND they accept food stamps. Most sites accept debit and credit cards. You can definitely use your debit or credit card if you order online. This will cost an extra $1.00.

There is a one downside of this program. It's not available on a weekly basis and you can only order food one time a month.

It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor. Anyone can participate in this program and no one will ever know if you have a financial need or not (unless you participate in the EBT Food Stamp Program). In fact, this program encourages all people to participate regardless of income level. They suggest that those who don't have a financial need to use this program anyway. Then use the money you save to do something for someone who needs financial assistance or who is less fortunate than you.

To see December's menu click HERE. The ordering deadline varies depending on the location. If you hurry, you may make this months deadline. If you miss it, you can participate next month.

If you are recipe-challenged Hillbilly Housewife may be able to help. She's teamed up with the meal planning experts at Menu Planning Central and created menu plans based on the food provided by Angel Food Ministries.

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