Friday, May 7, 2010

School Information Migraine Packs for Students, Parents and Teachers

Please forgive my absence.  My computer blew last September and I'm just getting back to my online life.

Here's some information just in time for school exams.  The Migraine Association of Ireland (MAI) has new downloadable School Information Packs for students (teens), parents and teachers.  The MAI says:
The new Schools Information Pack aims to raise awareness of migraine and how it can affect children's schoolwork and their personal and family lives. The pack also arms parents and students with practical and reliable information about the condition, which will help reduce the significant impact it can have.
Below is the MAI's description of each Information Pack and the location of the download.

The guide for students aims to inform and educate about migraine and also to encourage teenagers to take responsibility for managing their own condition. The booklet contains useful lifestyle tips on reducing the impact of migraine as well as features on famous migraineurs and managing migraine at exam time.
Click HERE for this download.

In this booklet we highlight the importance of having the condition diagnosed early, so that the effect it has on the child's life can be minimised. We also point out the main differences between migraine in children and adults. Although migraine runs in families, parents sometimes fail to recognise their child's migraine symptoms if they are different to their own.
Parents are of course, their child's immediate source of support. The booklet offers advice for parents in helping their child cope with their migraine attacks, while at the same time recommending that the child takes responsibility for managing their own condition.
Click HERE for this download.

The teachers guide to migraine is a short explanation of the condition, how to recognise or even predict it in students and what to do if an attack occurs in the classroom. Because migraine can interfere with a students work throughout their school-life, we also offer advice which may help get the student back to their desk as soon as possible, without having to send the student home.

Migraine attacks can also be triggered by events related to school and its environment and these issues are also covered.
Click HERE for this download.

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