Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wish Your Doctor Had A Migraine?

Ever wish your doctor could experience a Migraine attack just so he/she knows what you're going through?

Richard E. Waltman, MD, family physician in Tacoma, Washington, and a member of Medical Economics' Editorial Advisory Board, says that he does not wish "terrible disease and suffering for all of my colleagues" but makes the following six suggestions to help doctors do a better job:

  • Every physician should have to wait for an hour,
  • Every physician should have a foley catheter inserted,
  • Every physician should go to an out-of-town emergency department at midnight,
  • Every physician should get a good case of the flu,
  • Every physician should have a scare, and
  • Every Physician should have a Migraine

BRAVO Dr. Waltman!


chrissy said...

even thow this is so true..i would NEVER wish a migraine..not even on the man that molested me as a one should have to suffer with this kind of chronic, mind stealing, life changeing, MONSTER...some may disagree with me on this one but I just would never want anyone to have this pain....

Pam said...

I wouldn't wish a Migraine on my worst enemy but the thought has crossed my mind...briefly. =)

Nicole said...

Yeah the thought has crossed my mind a time or two; there are people in my family that could endure one migraine. It may sound harsh, but some people need to walk baby steps in my shoes before they think they can start running marathons.

Pam said...

Oh yes! Those brief thoughts are directed at my family and ex-family members that don't, can't and refuse to get it.

Anonymous said...

This is so true!
When I told my physician I have migraines she grimaces and goes "I hear those can be awful, but I don't want to prescribe any unnecessary medications."
Unnecessary? Unnecessary? She wouldn't dare say that if she'd ever had one.
Love your blog, following.

Megan Oltman said...

Pam thanks for linking this article! I've sure noticed, having seen quite a few different docs for my Migraines at this point, that the ones who are sufferers themselves are the really gentle compassionate ones - who listen - who know what they are talking about! maybe it should be a qualification for practicing headache medicine!
- Megan

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