Sunday, December 7, 2008

Migraine and Epilepsy Medication In Pregnant Women May Raise Autism Risk

WebMD reports that a new study published in the journal Neurology shows women who take Valproate for Epilepsy, while pregnant, may increase the risk of having a child with Autism. Rebecca Bromley, a PhD student and one of the researchers at the University of Liverpool told WebMD:
British researchers looked at 632 children, almost half of whom were exposed to epilepsy drugs during gestation. Nine of the 632 have been diagnosed with autism, and one has shown symptoms of the disorder.
Although this study was limited to pregnant women who took this medication for Epilepsy, Valproate is also used to prevent Migraine and an abortive treatment for acute Migraine.

To read the article click HERE.


Debbie said...

Pam, keep in mind that women with epilepsy take considerably more Depakote (valproate)than Migraineurs. Dosage for seizure control is sometimes over 1000 mg. When I tried it, I was taking 450 mg with good results.

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