Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Migraine Medication Savings

As I said in my last post something good has come out of obnoxious pharmaceutical television commercials and radio advertisements - COUPONS, REBATES, VOUCHERS and FREE MEDICATION TRIALS. Listed below are current savings on medications that Migraine sufferers often use. There are different qualifications for each medication offer. Please make sure you read the FAQ's and/or patient eligibility guidelines carefully to see if you qualify.

Savings offers on the following drugs are below:

Treximet, Zomig, Maxalt, Migranal, Frova, Relpax, Topamax, Cymbalta, Kadian, Ambien, Lunesta, Ultram ER, Duragesic, Soma, Skelaxin

Treximet® - Lower The Pain

Receive your $50* coupon by filling out the brief form below, then clicking “Submit.” We'll also provide you with important news and information about migraine treatment, as well as additional valuable money-saving offers for TREXIMET. Only one $50 trial coupon per person.

source: https://www.treximet.com/optin/registration.jsp

In order to be eligible for this offer: (a) where third-party reimbursement covers a portion of your prescription, this coupon is valid only for the amount of your actual out-of-pocket expenses up to a maximum of $50, (b) your prescription MUST NOT be covered (i.e., reimbursed) by a federal healthcare program, including Medicare or Medicaid, or by any similar federal or state program, including a state pharmaceutical assistance program, and (c) you MUST NOT be Medicare eligible and enrolled in an employer-sponsored health plan or prescription drug benefit program for retirees (i.e., you are eligible for Medicare Part D but receive a prescription drug benefit through a former employer). Further, if you are a resident of Massachusetts, this offer is valid only if you are paying the entire cost of the prescription yourself (i.e., your insurance does not cover any of the cost of your prescription). Your acceptance of this offer must be consistent with the terms of any drug benefit provided by your health insurer, health plan, or private third-party payor, and you agree to report acceptance of this offer to your health insurer, health plan, or third-party payor as may be required. This offer may not be used with any other discount, coupon, or offer. Only an original coupon will be accepted and must be presented to your pharmacist at the time you have the prescription filled–not valid if reproduced. Offer good only in USA. Not transferable. Void where prohibited by law, taxed, or restricted. GlaxoSmithKline reserves the right to rescind, revoke, or amend this coupon without notice. Limit 1 per purchase. Only one $50 trial coupon per person.

source: https://www.treximet.com/optin/registration.jsp#

Zomig® - Living With Migraine Voucher Program

Welcome to the Zomig Cost-Saving Coupon Program. This coupon may cover payment for your co-pay for a ZOMIG prescription up to $35, for up to a maximum of 6 times in 12 consecutive months. If you are not enrolled in a pharmacy benefits program, you may receive $35 off your ZOMIG prescription purchase or the amount paid for your prescription, whichever is less, for a maximum of 6 times in 12 consecutive months. Please see enrollment requirements and other terms and conditions.

source: https://www.activatethecard.com/zomig/appSecZomigWelcome.jsp

Maxalt® - Free Trial Offer

Merck is pleased to provide a free trial offer of MAXALT or MAXALT-MLT. To receive your voucher for a free trial of up to 3 tablets or 3 orally disintegrating tablets, click on the PRINT VOUCHER FOR A FREE TRIAL button at the bottom of this page and print out the voucher form.

If MAXALT / MAXALT MLT is the appropriate therapy for you, your doctor will write a prescription for you. Then take your prescription and the voucher to your pharmacist to get your free trial of up to 3 tablets or 3 orally disintegrating tablets. This offer is valid only with a prescription from your doctor. Offer expires 12/31/2008.

Limitations apply. Please see Terms and Conditions on the voucher for details.

source: http://www.maxalt.com/rizatriptan_benzoate/maxalt/consumer/special_offers/free.jsp?WT.svl=5

Relpax® - Step Up to the Challenge and Get a $10 RELPAX Coupon

To qualify for the rewards program, you must be taking RELPAX. If you are not currently a RELPAX user, ask your doctor if RELPAX is right for you and enroll once you’ve tried it.

source: https://www.relpaxchallenge.com/content/coupon-registration.jsp

Migranal® - It's Never Too Late for Relief

Let MIGRANAL® help you gain control of your migraines.

Do you wait until your migraine is already at full strength before taking your medication?

Do you “hoard” your medication and only use it when the pain becomes unbearable?

$20 off your next prescription of MIGRANAL

source: http://prescriptionmigrainerelief.com/HTML-INF/4_0_Try_Migranal_Today/index.shtml

Frova® - Rebate save up to $35

Offer expires 12/31/08


Topamax® - Free Trial Offer for up to 42 (25mg) tablets

  1. Talk to your doctor to find out if TOPAMAX is right for you. TOPAMAX is available by prescription only.

  2. If your doctor prescribes TOPAMAX, you can get up to 42 TOPAMAX 25 mg tablets free from your pharmacist with this offer.

  3. Present your written prescription for up to 42 TOPAMAX 25 mg tablets AND this trial offer to your pharmacist to receive your free trial of TOPAMAX.

source: http://www.topamax.com/topamax/tools-resources--free-trial-offer.html

Cymbalta® - This voucher is valid for 14 Capsules of CYMBALTA (all strengths covered) and must be accompanied by a valid prescription.

Thank you for your interest in a free sample of Cymbalta® (duloxetine HCl). Remember, only your doctor or healthcare professional can diagnose your condition and determine proper treatment.

To receive your free voucher, please enter your age and select your indication below, then click "Submit." When the voucher page appears, be sure to follow all instructions listed. Because there is a 1-voucher limit per person, you will not be able to return to the voucher page once you have left it. Please print the voucher page before leaving it. If you have difficulty, please call 1-800-LillyRx (1-800-545-5957).

source: http://voucher.cymbalta.com/

Kadian® - Save up to $50 on each KADIAN® monthly prescription

To receive a co-pay assistance card in the mail for up to $50 off each KADIAN® monthly prescription, please provide the following information or call 1-877-265-2861

source: http://www.kadian.com/pages/getpage.aspx?id=4F94959E-FE71-4158-9276-83A0FF8F2010

Ambien CR® - Try our free 7-night invite and get up to $100 off when you join

If you're having trouble sleeping and think you could be experiencing insomnia, you've come to the right place. Two layer AMBIEN CR not only helps you fall asleep, but has a second layer to help you stay asleep*, so you wake up less frequently and fall back to sleep faster. And now we have two offers to make it easy for you to try AMBIEN CR and save on your prescription.

To get your offers:


  • Print your certificates and take them to your healthcare provider

  • If your provider thinks AMBIEN CR is right for you, take your AMBIEN CR prescription and certificate to your pharmacist for your FREE trial offer

  • Start experiencing the 2-layer difference of AMBIEN CR

You can also continue to save up to $20 on each of your next 5 AMBIEN CR prescriptions—that's up to $100 in savings!

Start making a difference in your life today.

* Proven effective for up to 7 hours in clinical studies.

Maximum benefit is $20 off, on up to 5 prescriptions, depending on your out-of-pocket costs. Not valid for patients participating in Medicare, Medicaid, government (public insurance) programs, or any private payor in the state of Massachusetts and where prohibited by law.

source: http://www.ambiencr.com/cr-extras/ambien-coupon-free-trial.aspx


Are you ready to find out whether or not LUNESTA is right for you? We're ready to help you do just that with this special offer. Getting a good value is as nice as getting a good night's sleep.

Try LUNESTA for 7 Nights Free.

As with all medications, individual results vary, so the only way to find out if LUNESTA works for you is to give it a try. Talk to your doctor about your symptoms and about LUNESTA. If you and your doctor decide that LUNESTA is right for you, use this coupon for 7 free nights of LUNESTA.

Follow these simple steps to take advantage of this free trial offer:

STEP 1: Complete the form below.

STEP 2: Click the Submit button to display the Trial Script® Coupon.

STEP 3: Click the Print button located at the bottom of the Trial Script ® Coupon, bring it to your doctor and ask if LUNESTA is right for you.

STEP 4: After your doctor attaches the coupon to a completed, signed prescription form, go to your pharmacist and receive your free tablets of LUNESTA

Source: https://secure.lunesta.com/lunestaPromos/lunesta-coupon.cfm

Ultram ER® - Free Trial offer or up to 2 weeks free

Get more information - and up to 2 weeks of ULTRAM
® ER, free


Special offer if you are already taking ULTRAM® ER -- Save $25 on your ULTRAM® ER prescription and up to two refills.

source: http://www.ultram-er.com/ultram-er/age_check.do?coupontype=voucher&source=Web

Duragesic® - Instant Savings up to $50

Please be advised that we will not collect any of your personal information when you generate the savings coupon for DURAGESIC®. To learn more about the information collection practices for this savings coupon, please refer to the DURAGESIC® Coupon Privacy Policy. The information found within the DURAGESIC® Coupon Privacy Policy applies only to this savings coupon and differs from the general Privacy Policy for www.DURAGESIC.com.

source: http://www.duragesic.com/duragesic/exit_coupon.html?&newURL=

Soma® 250mg - Instant Savings Up to $30 off your SOMA® 250 mg prescription

1. Fill out the form below

2. Print out your money saving coupon

3. Presenting the coupon to your pharmacist along with your insurance card and a valid prescription for SOMA® 250 mg

coupon expires 12/31/2008

source: https://www.drtms.net/Acquire/Acquire.aspx?client=MPTSoma&product=Loyalty+Card&grpnum=OH5101031&c=24&p=W1&s=1&action=print

Skelaxin® - Good for up to $30 off 1 prescription

SKELAXIN 800MG (metaxalone) Tablets Prescription Savings Coupon

If your healthcare professional decides that SKELAXIN® is right for you, you can take advantage of this special offer to save up to $30 on your next prescription for SKELAXIN®. Simply download and print the form below, fill it out, and take it to your healthcare professional. Then take it to your pharmacist when you fill the prescription.

source: http://www.skelaxin.com/skelaxin-coupon.aspx?text=1


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