Saturday, May 10, 2008

Kid NEVER Sleeps!

Pain keeps me awake a lot and I rarely get more than six hours of sleep at night. After I read about three-year-old Rhett Lamb, I consider my six hours precious.

Rhett NEVER sleeps. I mean NEVER -- not a nap, not a snooze, zero, zilch, nil, nothing EVER. He's been awake for the last three years since the day he was born. Dad gave up his job to take care of him. Mom works extra to pay for his medical bills. Both mom and dad share the night shift because someone has to be awake with him at all times. Doctor's say Rhett can't sleep because of chiari malformation. To learn more about Rhett click HERE.


deborah said...

so sad! I saw him on the news over the weekend. And I thought I had it bad when I'm up all night with migraine. 3 years!! poor baby.

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